I will no longer be taking regular orders.

This has come with a LOT of thought

(Years of thought)

HCC Custom Wedding Garters - Victoria Joanne Originals.
The Custom Designer Garter Portfolio of Victoria Joanne.
"For me it's all about the client - what garter do they want?  What style fits her personality? 
Then I create a wedding garter that suits her perfectly."  ~ Victoria Joanne


I have decided to persue a carreer in the medical feild.

I would be willing to sell SOME of my materials like ribbons and charms. I will STILL offer service to a few repeat clients.

If you are one of my lovely clients who have purchased specialty garters asgifts in the past and would like to do so again, feel free to email me with details. I ask that you contact me at least 6 months or more in advance of when you need it so that I can work any sewing in between my college studies.

If you are interested in purchasing any materials - AKA charms, ribbon, fabric feel free to look at the stuff I have and let me know. If I have it, you can buy it for a fair price.

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